Then & Now Art®: Portland, OR - Mt. Hood [1927/2019]
Then & Now Art®: Portland, OR - Mt. Hood [1927/2019]
Then & Now Art®: Portland, OR - Mt. Hood [1927/2019]
Then & Now Art®: Portland, OR - Mt. Hood [1927/2019]
Then & Now Art®: Portland, OR - Mt. Hood [1927/2019]
Then & Now Art®: Portland, OR - Mt. Hood [1927/2019]

Then & Now Art®: Portland, OR - Mt. Hood [1927/2019]

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Mt. Hood Has Arrived!

Print & Canvas - Limited Availability 
10 currently available in each size and style

We are so excited to officially announce the arrival of our Then & Now Art®: Portland, OR - Mt. Hood image. This project has been in the works since early February and we are extremely proud of the finished product.

For those reading this, you are on an EXCLUSIVE email list and have the only access to this product at the moment. We have not yet released this to the public, making you the first to be notified and have the opportunity to purchase. 

Truly Unique Decor.

Home or Office - The Perfect Fit

Looking to add some extra flair to your home or office? Dazzle colleagues (or guests at your next dinner party) with the most unique piece of art to come out of the Northwest in years.

Feel free to use the image zoom feature (on your desktop) or pinch to zoom (on your mobile) to really get a look at the blending techniques used in making this incredible piece. We took our time with this one and are quite happy with the result. With that said, we are excited to offer Portland, OR - Mt. Hood to our ever growing fanbase in the Pacific Northwest.

More To Come!

Gifts For Family & Friends

Stay tuned for the perfect gift idea in weeks to come. We always get so excited on release date and cannot wait to roll out the following products to our fans!
500pc Jigsaw Puzzle
Mugzie® 20oz Tumbler
Mt. Hood - Mousepad

The Perfect Gift.

- Portland, OR - Mt. Hood Merchandise -

Canvases and prints are one thing - we like to go above and beyond! With that said, we will have merchandise rolling out very soon. Keep an eye on your email!

  • 500pc Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Mousepads (for the old school)
  • Mugzie® Brand Coffee Tumblers

Exclusivity Is Key.

Dare To Be Unique

We are all about exclusivity here at Then & Now Art®.

By purchasing your print or canvas today you will be amongst the first 10 to own this fabulous piece of work.
Click to purchase. Limited quantity per size.

Photography - Reimagined.

Cue: Then & Now Art®

- The Recreation Process -

We take pride in what we do, and as a result we create artwork that is unmatched anywhere.

4 step recreation process:
  • Research historical archives for a 'source image'
  • Choose the best image from what is available
  • Retrace the original photographer's footsteps
  • Capture the new photo

Precise attention to detail regarding composition, time of day, and various other elements is critical in the recreation process.

- The Creative Process -

Once we have our recreation - the real fun begins.

3 step creative process:
  • Digitally render the two photographs
  • Layer them over one another
  • Pixel by pixel we Blend the two time periods seamlessly into one nostalgia filled final image

Completed Mt. Hood image to be released soon!
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