What exactly do we do? Great question!

Then & Now Art® is an art collection that showcases historical photographs of popular US Cities, fused with their locations as we know them to be today, in our present time. Re-Photography is the act of repeat photography of the same site, with a time lag between the two images; a “then and now” view of a particular location. Regards to perspective, focal length, depth of field, film type, and time of day all need to be calculated for an officially accurate recreation.

First we retrace the footsteps of the original photographer. Then we place ourselves in the exact location that the old photographer had been standing. Next we recreate their original image, precisely, the way they had captured it - however many years ago. By the use of juxtaposition, we overlay our photographic recreation over the top of their original, and seamlessly blend them together as one image.

The result is something to truly marvel over. Unleashing the powerful emotion of nostalgia by uncovering memories that were once buried deep in the subconscious mind. Our artwork is something that will keep the conversation going for years to come.

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