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Our Then And Now Art® Chicago Collection highlights the roaring streets, soaring buildings, and pedestrians of all likes on display throughout this great city. Experience the city’s most charismatic places like Michigan Avenue, Lake Shore Drive, and the University of Chicago both today and in times passed. With a nostalgic flare for a city that has never seemed to stop thriving, our Chicago Collection merges modern day skyscrapers and twenty-first century city-slickers with a much simpler time. Compare today’s steel and glass towers with visions of the past, when industrialization was just beginning to make Chicago to the juggernaut it is today.

Current merchandise in stock for our Chicago Collection:
(each product available in all 8 Collection images)

  • Puzzles (new addition)
  • Mouse Pads
  • 16oz Coffee Tumblers
  • Prints (2 sizes)


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