Michigan Avenue - June 6th, 2015

Michigan Avenue - Chicago, IL
90 years in transition

Chicago, Illinois - June 6th, 2015

The Windy City. Always a treat to work on a photo project here no matter the time of year. Thankfully however, this was during the summer months which made it all the more appealing. We found our source image, packed our bags, and were on the way to Michigan Avenue.

Sometimes the process of finding the 'now' version for our shoot can be challenging. This one was definitely on the easier. Smack in the middle of the sidewalk at ground level, doesn't get much easier that that.

Chicago is a great city filled with fabulous people and tremendous architecture around every corner. We were excited to get started on our newest Collection piece.
In His Element
Jacob eyeing up the shot

Always a Challenge

The shot itself was easy to line up but now a new challenge presented itself. Being in everybody's way as they went about their day in one of our nation's busiest cities.

This also presented an opportunity. We snapped so many photos of so many different people that we were able to handpick who we wanted to be in the shot and where. Challenges always seem to have a silver lining.

Continuing with the laid back theme of the shoot we were also fortunate enough to have perfect lighting. This is part luck and part strategy however. One of the most important (and often overlooked) aspects of what we do is getting the timing right between the old photograph and the new. It can be difficult to ascertain the time our source photograph was taken so we typically have to estimate. Sometimes we get lucky however -in images such as our State Street piece, there is a clock in the source photo! Talk about perfect timing, literally.

It was not too sunny yet not too cloudy which allowed us to get the exact shot we needed with little issue.

Have a look at the accompanying photograph, going behind the scenes as Jacob is truly standing in his element, doing what he does best. Getting this shot may have been relatively easy, but the artwork is a whole other story. That is where the creativity really lives.
Having stood proudly since 1894

The Lions of Michigan Avenue

Being able to photograph history like this is hands down the very best part about what we do. One can almost envision himself on Art Institute steps the day these lions were unveiled back on May 10th, 1894.

Having stood proudly for 125 years, the lions were sculpted by Edward Kemey, a well known 'Animalier' at the time. You can learn more about his work by clicking here.

Imagine yourself back in 1894, seeing these great sculptures. What is the scene like around you? What do the people look like? What are the sounds? Immerse yourself in the moment. Have a little fun with it!
The Wrigley Building
A staple of the original Chicago skyline

Beauty In The Details

Every photograph we recreate has significant landmarks we like to pay close attention to. The lions are one example, another is The Wrigley Building which has been part of the Chicago skyline since the early 1920's.

The first office building built north of the Chicago River, The Wrigley Building location was chosen by chewing gum magnate William Wrigley Jr. to be the headquarters of his company.

Look closely at the differences between the two photos. 90 years apart, a lot can happen. A great example of true American industrialism becomes apparent when you look at the other buildings that had been built up behind The Wrigley Building over the past 100 years.

A Priceless Piece

This image has been in our Chicago Collection since 2015 and has become one of our best sellers. If you pay attention to the details (we like to think our fans do), you will see all the little things that evolve with time. The lesson here is that no matter how much things may change, some things will always stay the same. As a society, history is something we have an obligation to pay close attention to. With photographs like these, we like to think we are doing our part in ensuring it is never forgotten.
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