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Then & Now Art®: A Timeless Experience

Feel free to immerse yourself into each image and you will find yourself discovering unique elements that really make history come to life. 

what makes us different?

I've always wondered what the big hype about art was. When I first met Jacob and saw his work, suddenly it all made sense. I'm a huge fan!

Stephanie in Boston

So unique! Anybody can buy some wall decor at the local TJ Maxx or Big Lots. Likely mass produced with no history. Jacob's work? It has heart, soul, history - it's true nostalgia.

Jane in Chicago

We own a few pieces of work from his Wausau Collection.  Since, we've worked with him on a few commissioned photo projects. True Wausau gentleman. 

Stephen in Wausau

A Statement That Lasts

Portland, OR - Recreated

Timeless. Nostalgia. Memory.

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